Creating Foundations

Designing and creating for the web goes hand-in-hand. The cornerstone of any good design relies upon a solid foundation of well-crafted HTML; once this structure is in place, styling can be concentrated upon. Designing for the web can be hugely creative, but we have to be mindful of the various challenges of browser support and accessibility, before we reach that end goal of a beautifully crafted site that sticks in the memory.
I’ve created three individual workshops, each tailored to concentrate upon strengthening the knowledge of web design practice from the ground up. These related workshops explore: building a solid foundation of semantic markup with HTML5; engaging the audience through beautiful design applied via CSS3; and, finally, ensuring everything is cross-platform and extensively tested.

Workshop 2 – CSS3

While creating a well structured HTML5 page is key, styling it should be your next focus. The styling needs to be engaging and creative with attention given to touchpoints. Creating aesthetically pleasing features enables the user to become more engaged in your website, resulting in a more memorable user experience.

What I’ll cover?


  • Discover the depths of CSS3.
  • Learn about browser prefixes.
  • Create beautiful transitions to engage your audience.



Room 82D10 University of Ulster York Street Belfast BT15 1ED


6.30-8.30 pm, 29th November 2012

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Your Host

Alex Milne Alex graduated from the University of Ulster’s IMD course with a first class honours degree. She is currently enrolled on the MFA Multidisciplinary Design where she is exploring user experience and interaction design.
t: @_alexmilne

Workshop Series

Workshop 1 – HTML5
Workshop 3 – Browser Support & Useful Resources

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