After our lectures on the history of fonts, i decided to search into how @font-face are used in the modern web design, hoping to find inspiration in all different areas, how the most insane fonts can be tamed by their design and vice versa.
In my search i was not disappointed and even found a site that had the same principles as my Major Project, but obviously on a larger scale with recognised awards.

The Web Font Awards started a year ago in 2011 to bring awareness to Web Fonts, they want to show the:

“newfound typographic freedom that Web designers are experiencing across the globe.”

I think this is an amazing site, as it bring recognition to the font designers and the web designers who showcase the fonts in their designs. The site is great for seeing fonts, how others have used them, and how much the viewers have liked them. This has just shown me that my major project could be viewed like this. My site, could be the site, that people come to see inspiration, see the growing trends and obvious likability that the designs have, as the ratings prove that.
The model of this site seems to very similar to mine, but with a different approach, users can sign up and vote, and designers can sign up and submits there URL. Viewers can view all sites via the gallery and click on a vote link to vote on it.
When viewing a submission, there is more detailed information about it, such as a short bio, a bit about the site, the font in question and then social media links. Web font awards have then brought it to the next level, by having ready made coding, ready to copy, for users to insert into their websites to help, A) promote web font awards and, B)To help designers get the ratings for there website submission. Users can also leave feedback.
This is where my design defers, as i didn’t think adding this extra page of information for each url submission would be beneficial. I didn’t actually think that users would take the time to submit their own sites, but maybe these developments have been made after various testing and after a substantial amount of submissions. I maybe have overlooked the point that users may submit their own sites, and input more information about it, it may not just be the average user who wants to share an awesome site they’ve have the pleasure of viewing.
The site has also added a pretty cool sidebar feature for showing of “More Sites By the Designer” and populated it with thumbnails. This is a pretty cool feature for the layout of this site, it shows more of designers work in a completely subtle an stunning way.

So far, for my MP, i have thought of the submission process, the ratings and the chart, but i never thought of laying all submissions out via a gallery style presence. The gallery still holds the rating, which, in a way is a more informal chart, but doing it this way, its saves more space, takes the formality out of a chart and shows the user more at once with less scrolling. The down side to this is, theirs less room for text, and how would i show possible links and info within such a small area.

Overall, im really glad i found this site, as it has really enthusiastically helped inspire me for my Major Project. It has also shown me a great example on how these guys have modelled their rating system etc, and how they have made it so informal that it works. With the cool use of terms and trending designs, so wonder it has become so shortly reconized.

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