To finish of my testing for the Garvan Traynor i decided to run my website through the W3C validator, and i was quite happy with the results. I had successfully coded most pages to pass their vigorous standards with exceptions of my exhibitions.html page.
The problems here where all surrounding my ordered list. My list had extra detail in it to help all the information stand out, this meant i had id’s assigned to certain li’s but the validation didnt accept this,as it doesnt accept duplicate id’s. The image below shows the errors that where being displayed. To help me keep my styling rules i decided to change my all of my “id’s” within the “ul” to “classes”. Making this small change helped pass this page and delete all the previous errors.

I have included all of the W3C outputs for my site below.
Index Page

About Page

Engagement & Wedding Page

Exhibitions Page

Film & Corporate Page

Workshops Page

Private Page

Contact Page

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