With a goal of getting my results i set out to get my surveys handed out and get as much data collected as possible. As i had created my questionnaires previously the next thing was to get them printed.
I wanted to be an eco friendly and save my money for social time, so i decided to duplex print the questionnaires, this means the printer, prints on both sides of the page. This is a great feature of most printers, it saves time of printing extra pages and stapling them together, and the printer turns the page automatically when duplexing.
The next step was tackling the best time to give the students the questionnaires, as from my previous year, i knew that some of the most occupied classes where the design modules, so i decided to strategically give the questionnaires to the Year 1 DES class. With the very appreciated help of David Turner and Rebekah Hunter i was able to get over 51 completed questionnaires from this class alone, this was an amazing result from them, which im very much indebted to them for doing so un-hesitantly!
As Thursdays class was targeted for Year Ones, and Friday for Year Four’s, i needed to figure out how i could get the surveys to the Year Twos, and receive them back by Friday. This is where i got some very quick and responsive help from Course co-ordinator Peter Nicholl, Peter very graciously was able to give my questionnaires out to the Year 2 class, within another scheduled class on the Thursday, while i was attending my lectures. Peter was able to give me some great tips on how to handle my feedback and even how i should use it to create a change! This was very welcomed and will come in very practical when doing my project.

The Process

The process wasnt to lengthy but over 109 of the below questionaires where handed out and returned! This was not to much paper to work with, but the question, was where to start and how?

I decided that i would create some type of tally on what i wanted to know! Some of the main things where twitter users vs NON twitter users! As a possible feature of my project could be “Log in with Twitter”, this could cut out the dreaded only sign up, and also give people confidence in the site. I then went through the questionnaires to figure out other information that i thought was important. Like how they would prefer to rate something, this question was to help get feedback on the general favoured rating method, a lot of users preferred the star system, my previous thoughts where a hot or not verses system, but with this feedback, this has definitely made me think, on should i reconsider my tactic on approaching this.

To try and make more sence of my results i decided to create some charts to try and easily echo the results. The first chart is the Twittersphere chart, it represented those that filled in the chart from IMD Year 1, 2 and 4. It showed a great result for Year 1 which had 34 Twitter users vs 16 non twitter users. Year 2 had less twitter users, 20 Users vs 12 Non Users and finally Year 4 had a great percentage of twitter users! 24 Users vs 3 Non users.

The next chart is the AccountLoop! This chart was created to measure those when faced with signing up to a site to view it, what would they do, would they abandon it, create an account, or even do something else! The graphic clearly shows that as the students get older, they are more willing to sign up than abandon a site. Year 1′s where very split in this area, Year 2 where becoming more willing to sign up, and nearly all of Year 4′s who completed the questionnaire would create an account. This to me show, the older a site user is the more tolerance they have for barriers that are presented compare to the younger user.

The final chart that i have created to show some results is the RatingPie, This chart shows the slices of each method that the students preferred. Year 1 clearly liked a Star rating system, Year 2 still liked the Star rating system but liked the others 2, and Year 4 clearly liked the star rating system as well. Year 4 seemed to be the group that liked the vs system the most. But is this my fault? I feel i didn’t explain this enough, if i had said a hot or not system, maybe the students would have understood this better, and i would have got more of a result for this part, or maybe if i explained how it would have been implemented the systems, maybe the results would differ, or possibly they did all understand the differences and still preferred a star rating system.

I feel my questionnaire has served a purpose which i am happy with, as my MP progresses forward i may change more of my plans, and possibly wish those things where assessed in the questionnaire but only time will tell.

Some More Figures

109 Completed Surveys
35 Females
74 Male
78 students are active Twitter Users
60 Students would create an account on a site if they have to
29 Would abandon a website rather than creating a account to use it
20 had a similar opinion that they would sign up if it was of interest and it was a very quick and short form.
87 Students would bookmark a website
22 Students would not bookmark a website
76 Students would use a bookmark applet
33 students would not use a bookmark applet
59 Students preferred a ranked charts
50 students preferred a gallery style chart

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