Textureyes is my Major Project for my final year of University, but i see this as more than a project, its something im passionate about, that i want to make work and push it to become more than just a project. This may be the end of my University degree but its the beginning of an something else!
Everyone within this industry loves sharing, from code tutorials till creating furry monsters in illustrator, we share, we like to help others, we help bring our community up to speed with whats going on, and i feel that’s amazing! Chef’s dont give away their award winning recipes, accountants dont tell others how they have managed to “work” things, but we do, and i want to build a platform to make this easier.
I love working in illustrator, photoshop and creating something new, but i find myself having to search for textures that are royalty free, to help give my illustrations depth. But it’s very hard to find this, especially textures that are legally FREE. Some sites that i subscribe to give awesome stacks of free textures, but i pay monthly for this which, defeats the purpose! I want to make it FREE!
To do this, i need to enrole the user to become active within my site, to submit some of their textures, the more users that do this, then the more textures will be available to the community, which becomes a win – win to all! To help users track their uploaded progress, a bit of interactivity has been injected in to the project, by the help of a leaderboard! This leaderboard will count the downloads of all images, which in return will display the top 10 downloaded images. This leaderboard has been created to help encourage the users to upload more to try and beat their friends download count and more. This concept needs to be explored more but i feel this project could be an awesome asset to our community, which is driven by the users and is for user, and with my help, its all for FREE!

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