Lately i was reading an article on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where the writer was addressing Self-Actualisation. The more i reflected upon the article, the further i then reflected upon my own journey and it became apparent to me that Self-Actualisation is where we feel comfortable and fulfilled to be more ambitious, which inwardly spawns our creativity, but what part of ourselves stops us from making that next leap.

Self-Actualisation is when we have reached a certain point within our life or even career where we feel that we can recognise our full potential as individuals, we can fully comprehend what we are capable of and that we can accomplish the tasks that we mentally or physically set ourselves.

I believe that this can be related to anything, but to get to this level there has to be confidence, self motivation and an enormous amount of passion. 

I believe that we should all reach this level within our area of interest or passion, to bring that thing to the next level and share it with the world. As individuals we need to have a lot more self-belief, assertiveness and the “just do it” frame of mind. By asserting your idea head on, you can try and make that idea a reality, try it, test it and if its not right, you have learnt one way not to do something. The important thing to remember is to not give up, steer your idea in another direction to help it on its path to success and keep going.

I may be only 23 years old but i consider myself to have a level of self-actualisation within fields that motivate me. I have taken steps to make ideas become real, i have created plans and paths, that have set me on a journey to achieve outcomes that others would simply not care to try for. No matter how big or small your steps, I believe we should make them, the path will get shorter as we find our way, but the lessons we learn will undoubtably help prepare us for our next and even more thrilling step.

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