Questionnaire Time
I think a great way to help my project would be to create a survey to help gauge what my target audience want to experience when using a site like mine.
I know what i want to do to create my project, but i feel it would be good practise to find out what potential users would like to use. I think i need to find out what years the students who are answering the surveys are in, i think this is essential as i may find that each year group take a different approach to my questions, and that people who use social media sites like twitter may be more accustom to creating user accounts than others.
All my information gathered will help give me a better understanding of what each user wants, and how the demographic of users think. i.e. all twitter users may be more accustom to using a site to its full potential than non twitter users etc. This type of information could be very helpful on deciding weather to create a more specific site for the market or a more general targeted site.
This may be a big eye opener and i may need to consider changing some of my ideas or approaches to them but it can only be beneficial to what my end project will be.
I have decided to target Mac Lab users, as these are the main users that i feel will really benefit from my site and who could potentially use my site. I feel the best time to give out my surveys is when the designs modules class is running, i think this is perfect as a lot of students attend these classes. This will potentially get me around 200 completed questionnaires, which would be a great amount of feedback to give me a strong indication of what the users want.
I have researched the structure on questionnaires, so hopefully what i have put together is a clear indication of how simple and stress free questionnaires can be. The questionnaire that i am going to present to other students is displayed below.

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