When developing a product, it’s only smart to get feedback and opinions from those that can be related to what you are doing, in one form or another. Getting these chances can be hard, but by making that step and reaching out, people where more helpful than I ever originally anticipated.

Getting opinions from others not directly related to a product can also help impact a product and more that I ever personally anticipated, every individual has a different creative side, a unique business perspective and distinct personality. With this in mind, every person I spoke to had a valid point, give me more options and ideas to think about and pushed me in another direction, which can only be a positive thing.

To explore all perspectives of your product can only but benefit you, you can see the short and long falls, the unique features that you have essentially created, the pros and cons and so much more. You quickly become well rounded and fully educated about your projects, that can only give you the advantage in the specific market or field that you are exploring.

By reaching out, exploring, taking constructive criticism onboard is all what goes into shaping a product, creating a better product, and developing one that the market needs.

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