I have to try and figure out a plan for the best way to get my project of to a good start, so i thought a great way, was to create a mind map, and then plan the order i need to start doing the steps in.
So to start my mind map i went through various websites, reading how others tackled projects, used my own knowledge from past projects and then created my own tailored mindmap.
I present my Mind Map!

From my mind map i have created the order in which i think i should do the steps in, i think this is the best way for me to approach my mind map, as this will give me targets/goals that i need to get past to achieve more for my project.
1) Define Features of my Project
I will have to throughly go over my idea, define all the main points and features of my site, and then ensure they are all necessary and are appropriate.
2) Do Research / Possible Survey -
I would like to gain some research from potential users of the site, find out what they like about the project, don’t like, what they would add or take away. This way i would be able to get a good demographic of my target audience and what they find most interesting.
3) Determine the Bigger parts of the Project
When the bigger features of my project have become more certain and i have obtained my research, i will be able to establish what parts of the project are the bigger parts that i need to create more time to work on.
4) Determine the Smaller Parts of Project
When im determining the bigger parts of the project i will be able to decide the smaller parts that may not need as much time allocated to them. These parts are as important, but splitting the major parts of the projects, lets me create a more decisive timeline.
5) Create plan on how to tackle parts of the project from steps 3 & 4
This is where my schedule is created to give as much time as possible to the above project parts.
6) Create a Schedule for good time management, create timeline for progress report
This is essential, to keep on top of the grand scheme of the project, to ensure parts of my project are not being over looked and im being able to manage everything that i need to do to complete the project.
7) Resources
Determining my resources is going to be very important to all aspects of this project, from coding, to designing and even creating a good write up. The effect of good resources cannot be under estimated.
8 ) Learning and Creating the correct Codes
To pull of the main features of my project, im going to have to use good resources to figure out the correct codes that i require, to get all of my features to work. This is going to be challenging and a real learning curve, so i feel this is unquestionably going to need more time allocated to it.
9) Design the Site
This is one of the main parts of my project, as the design needs to be perfect to really grasp the user, to use the site. The design has to enjoyable, easily laid out, not to cluttered and very effective.
10) Create the Site
Once the design is created, the site needs to be built as soon as possible, to start implementing the code and user testing. I would like the site to be HTML5, use CSS3 and be responsive. I feel this is very important to be, as this is my favourite part of web designing, and i want to show my true abilities.
11) Compilation of the Code and the Site
This is pretty much the testing stage of my project, finding the bugs, errors and any problems that can occur. Parts of the code may need revised and hopefully the design works with the code. This is a very important part of the site, as its the determining of weather the projects complete and finding out has it reached its full potential.
12) Compile all documents for the project write up
This is self explanatory, and my least favourite part of any project. All documentation will have to be gathered and organised to create my final writeup of all my findings, up and downs, conclusion and much more.
Through out all of the above steps, progress will be recorded and sufficient documentation will be added to my ever growing write up and blog. By continuously blogging, i will also be able to track my progress, which can be referred to in my final write-up.

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