After much deliberation i have decided to alter the concept of my project. I originally was going with the concept of URL submissions of awesome websites that users wanted to share, but i realised that this ideas was too broad and needed to be more refined.
After much deliberation i decided i wanted to change the plot of the concept, to making the website all about textures. I love textures, they are collectables that can be used in so many ways, they become an illustrators best friend. I had considered so many different ideas from foods to worldly cider’s but i have really settled on the textures!

The structure of my project will now have to changed. I feel that it will start with the user uploading an image, the image can be the surface on an old wall with cracks and rust effects, an old wooden floor, something they feel is a texture that they really love. The image is then added to the database and pulled through to the chart. The user can then vote on the textures and the chart is then updated. I extra concept to this, is to let the user download the image for their own use. I feel this could be the part that draws the users to this site.
With this concept i need to figure out:
1) How the user will uploading an image to the database. I have looked at various methods, and found a pretty cool open source software call “uploadify”, but their is no documentation to aid this, and with myself being a coding novice, i feel that this software could be over my head. I of course am consistently researching this to come up with solutions but I feel i need to get talking to Chris and Nicholas about this ,as they may be able to point me in the right direction with a break down on how to tackle it.
2) When an image has been uploaded it then has to be pulled back onto a page for it to be rated. I am confused on this part as i don’t know if i should let the image be rated in the chart area or keep it separate within a ranking area. I feel the ranking page may be the best, so i need to figure out how to pull all images from the database to this area on page load.
3) Once the images are placed in this area, i need to find to figure out how they are rated, stars, thumbs up or down, if the result is displayed, and then how the database will hold this information.
On thinking about this i downloaded the “GD Star Rating” wordpress plugin to see how this would work, but unfortunately the plugins where all related to rating of singular pages or posts, not multiple sections within one page or post. I was able to figure out how to link and place “thumb ratings” for each of my thumbnail images, but when one was clicked it disable the other thumb ratings systems and duplicated the rated thumbnails results to the other thumb ratings systems, as the plugin only anticipates one click per page or post! This was disappointing, but even if this was not the case, i would still have to figure how to this work plugin into a dynamic chart.

4) Once the image is rated, then it need to be charted. I feel then this is interaction between the database and chart to help it become placed correctly. Maybe it doesn’t mean that. Maybe the database just updates the new rating, and then it is up to the user weather they are viewing the chart in descending, ascending or in a random order. Im really not sure, this also needs to be further researched.
5) A extra feature to this project is to let the user be able to download the image with clicking a simple pleasant button but again this is another area i am not familiar with and will need to be researched.
The above seems really daunting and forthcoming to me, but when broken down into small sections, i feel i should be able to try and approach them, and figure out what i need to do.

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