Below is a list of my Final Year Project proposals, their is still a lot of work and research to do, but i hope that within the next few days and weeks i will be able to choose the one that has the best features and the one that i can learn most from!

Idea No.1 – New & Upcoming Websites

This is a website that is used to promote new websites for various reasons i.e. they are graphically attractive etc. A user types in the URL, assigns it to a category, i.e. design, code, jQuery features, all, and then submits the url. The data is then collected and an attractive table shows the contenders, at the end of the month, the winner is shown. Their will be a post about the votes, the reasons and a creditation is given and promoted via social media to help promote the winner and their talent. Their will be an overall chart for the winners, to then contend for the slot for Designer of the Year.
I feel i would be able to accomplish this coding and be able to learn alot from it.
I feel that IMD would potentially help boost this project as they love to express opinions on their site findings.
The company and designer get recognition, via social media, the site and other ways.
I feel that the above needs more ideas and deeper research to make it successful, as the site proposal on its own might not be enough by itself, it may become very boring. A suggestion to this would be to make it fun/ inject competitiveness in to it, i.e the users who submit become charted i.e. and gain “points” for suggesting future chart winners etc.

Idea No.2 – Freelance Finder

This is a website that is specifically for freelancers, students and for the full time housewife that wants to continue her/his passion for website design. The idea is focused around an “Auto Trader” type platform. A potential client can come on to the website, look at all the “Designers”, Check out their recent projects via imagery, website links, see their skills set i.e. photoshop, php, jQuery etc, and read other client reviews. The client can then contact the user via the site / or via contact details.
The end product of my website, is a happy client and a web designer with a new design project. This can help the designer build a portfolio, become established and help them stay active within the design community.
I potentially have one of the best areas for researching(IMD labs)
While creating my website i can retrieve feedback from potential IMD students
When my website is in testing stages i can open my website to IMD students to help find errors and problems within the site.
If the site is successful it could have a big target audience. 1st – 4th Year IMD students – Graduates – Other University Web design students etc.
The demographic of the site can be extended to other models
All of the coding required i.e. php, databases structuring, is not my strong point, but i want to learn more, and i cant learn more if im not challenged.
Getting students to sign up may be an easier part than attracting the clients.

Idea No.3 – The perfect IMD Book List

I love books, but its hard finding the books that get clearly straight to the point. So to help imd’ers and other design students/graduates/freelancers, i would like to create a Buyers Guide for imd content, all up to date books, and relatable to all different modules. The books will be added by the users and rated by the user. Users can also add personal views and tips about the books and to tell the world the interface will be linked to social media resources. For example a user can tweet a friend about the book or show what they are reading. The top rated books will be charted and promoted.
This site will truly be a true book site which is created for the users and not for book promotion.
Again the imd students could potentially help esculate this project as our course is full of keen and eager readers.
It might now have a big enough target audience, of course their are a lot of designers, but how many read books or eBooks, maybe to conquer this area blogging/tutorial sites could compete in the site, but in their own area.
As serious as this website/app sounds i again need “funness” injected into it, i dont know how, maybe between interface design and adding another personal aspect to it! Maybe a reader can tag themselves reading it and where (Geo-Location map) and gain reading credits, become an accredited reviewer after reaching a targeted time! I feel strongly that “funness” is a must to hook the user!

My Inspirational Websites



This website is one of my favourite as its very instructional and is a new designers dream. Learning new software on your own is very time consuming,
but this site will show you how to use the software appropriately and correctly while helping you to build your skills via tutorials. The tutorials are very well documented with numerous screen dumps, and come with source files. This site was essential to me in my second year, it thought me skills that i have become second nature to me. This site still helps me today, without it i feel my progression in the design and code world would be faltered . My admiration for the site creators is unparalleled as the service they deliver is basically AWESOME.



Noupe is a pretty amazing, as for the current design i actually controversially love it (well, accept for the ads). Noupe is an extension of Smashing Magazine, it may be compared as being similar, but in a way its not. Nearly all of the content is small posts with links to the original article which helps give the article creators credit. Many of its posts are titled, and then give the user the option of choosing 10 posts/website links that are related to the title. This can be too much content at times, but if it helps give the user the answers via the large variety, then it is a win-win situation. I love this style of blogging as it really helps me explore and learn, which purposefully feeds my growing desire to learn and create more.


Smashing Magazine

This website i feel is perfectly targeted for me and everyone like me, it gives great updates on whats new and current in the web design industry and everything else thats relatable. They offer free tutorials, videos and free source files ranging from textures to code. With their extensive social media use it is very easy to keep up to date with their latest posts and what they feel we need to learn. They also have went the extra mile and added features like “Networking” which is selected articles from outside sources. This is also a pretty unique feature where a site has promoted a similar site, but all to the readers advantage. This is what makes this site pretty remarkable.



I love this site as i love playing with colour schemes and creating different colour combinations. This site is great for seeing colour trends and how combinations can create effects. Colours are very important as the wrong colours can kill a project or can bring it alive depending on the theme/vibe you are trying to perceive. I sometimes feel this site is a great reflection of the creators moods and the current season that we are living in.



This website is a girls must have! It has become the biggest and fastest selling online-only fashion website in the Uk. It sells over 35,000 brands and according to multiple reports the end of year sales in March 2011 totalled to a staggering £339.7 Million. The site isn’t just where you can buy fashion, they have made it so much more. You can view multiple clothing items in an instant and see relevant product information. When you view the item, you can see various colours and also see how those multiple colours look on the model. To ensure your not mislead you are told what height and size the model is, so you can compare what it may look like on yourself. If you want to see more of the product you can watch a clip of the model walking in it and much more. This art of selling has been “modelled” correctly on this site. They have give the user all the content, imagery, clips and options that they could ever want, and most importantly they have done this simply with no complications, given the user a happy website experience. If their is a fashion site you want to base a similar selling website on, it quite possibly is this one.

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