Creating a product may seem like the easy part and also first step of creating a business, but without the product you do not have a business either, and consequently you don’t have a customer. The product is the most essential part of any business, every single aspect of it is very important. From the input to the output, and everything in between.

Developing and building a product is fun, motivational, exciting and very inspirational but there is a lot of fundamental aspects to the product that the customer will see that we the designer and innovator haven’t anticipated or even considered. So how does it work, or how have i anticipated things so far on my journey of product design within the: Little Deli app.

From the very start i have talked about my idea, its concept and its many options and avenues. From every conversation, i have taken something away which has pivoted me to really look at my product in a different light, for good and bad. I am continually evaluating what i am doing, why am i doing it and seeing how valid of an option or feature it is. Am i doing this as, i am unsure of my journey, no, i am doing this to continually test my product, get feedback and then learn from it, to continue the input process.

As much as i would like my product to be all singing and dancing, this is not a valid concept, at this early stage of my product journey. I believe my intentions have to lean towards it being the perfect Minimal Viable Product, to really let it breathe in the main minimal product concept. By doing this i can test it, learn from it, assess the feedback and then start building on my overall findings. By going through this process i am strengthening my product by finding out what is necessary and what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t and then over time beautiful features that sing and dance can become apart of it, if essential.

“Success is not delivering a feature; success is learning how to solve the customers problem.”

I recently read the Lean Startup which has really influenced me on being productive, and creating a product awareness within every stage of growth. It addressed the issue that: every feature beyond what was required to start receiving the feedback to learn about a product, was a waste. 

This has really resonated with me, how far can we take the MVP, what is the minimal viable product, did Twitter have image upload at the start, did Facebook allow you to tag people in comments, no, but the innovators got their concept correct, users validated it, and then they it grew, and the process is still on repeat.

My product, like many others is for customers and i want mine to be really shaped by them, to create an effective and efficient product. If the product isn’t influenced by either set of customers then i feel the validity of my product is very weak and may not be strong enough to work. As my journey continues i need to continually reflect on the process of product development and validation to really learn, progress my product to help it grow and hopefully flourish.

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