I love fonts and i view them from all different locations on the web and really admire when seeing them in print, but when viewing them for this project, i felt i really knew what i was looking for, something really minimalist and simple.
I knew this font had to be light in weight as well so when i was playing with the Lane Narrow as the branding it felt perfect, and not like the others i had played with. I really felt it fitted everything i wanted for the Live project.
I then decided to try a smaller uppercase version for the navigational menu and i felt this also really worked and fitted the project but is it relatively noticeable that the font is the same, or have i just pointed that out to you? I really think that the branding and the menu feel like a stack of similar fonts that work well together, but in truth it is the same font, with different weights and sizes etc.
My next problem is the body font, can i possibly use the same font again? Will other fonts work with the font i have already chosen for the other parts of my site?
Check out the screenshots below, they are maybe not the best examples, but they just arent working with the clean and minimalist feel that this project needs.
Font – Yanone Kaffeesatz
I think this font is to heavy for the feel of the site.

Font – Wire One
This font is nice and light but the lettering of the font is too narrow.

Font – Raleway
The raleway font has character while being minimal but the lettering of font is soo wide.

Font – News Cycle
This font is nice, and i have used it in other projects, but it isn’t light enough.

These examples may not have been the best fonts that i could have found in the time given, but in comparison to how the site is existing with the main body font of Lane Narrow, i think this font does the site justice and really helps the natural flow of it.

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