For my gaming project i made up a concept that included a grasshopper, the character has grew on me over the last week or more, so i decided to name. I present to you, Gopper. Below shows some of the stages i went through to get to the finished Gopper.

1) Creating the Body using the pen
and eclipse tool.
2) More eclipses have been added
to create the main body.
3) This is start of the head and
antennas being joined.
4) Numerous gopper legs where
created to get the correct angle.
5) Gopper’s experimental legs
and wings are added to his body.
6) Goppers wings are sharpened
and color gradients are added.
7) Gopper has been finished and
is naturally propped on a leaf.
8 ) I wanted to experiment with
colours,possibly creating a Gopette.
9) To balance my choice 1, i decided
to give Gopper a manly touch.
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