This summer i have been summoned to take over various Google Adword Accounts which i was previously completely heedless of. The first obvious option for me, was to find some good articles, find a peaceful place and get reading, in theory this was easier said than done.
I quickly found out that everyone has their own method to getting the best out of their campaign, by having their own targets which revolves around their budget which is linked back to the prospected turnover generated from ‘being found’.


In theory if a company’s cost price of a product is £1000 but it can be sold for a base price of £3000 and they spend £100 per week on Adwords and are guaranteed 1 sale a week, would a advertising budget on Adwords alone not be worth it?


You may ask why not create a site with an engine to actually have the ability to generate natural high listing within Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Will you have a good point, but when you are competing with big companies within a large market, being listed just above those competitors can make all of the difference in a creating a weekly profit of £1900 and not.


I believe in being able to try to get the best natural listings but this takes practise, knowledge, a lot of ‘google’ time and getting in the ‘know’, but thats for another blog.


The commonly known pay-per-click system is straight forward once mastered, but mastering may come at a cost and i mean literally. Your budget can be alliterated before you know it, especially if you dont create the correct ‘keywords’ and continually analyses your tactics.


The following information is all of my own and what i have learnt, all of this with the intention of getting the most out my Google Adwords budget. If you can bet on anything, you can be sure that Google will find a way to spend your budget, after all their profit from Adwords last year was $32.2 Billion.


Firstly when creating your campaign, check out your settings, where do you want to target, the UK or Northern Ireland or further. By narrowing down your target audience you can improve your CTR and Average Position.


Once your campaign is running for a few weeks it will have gathered amazing statistics that you never thought would be so vital. These statistics are key to putting your daily budget to its best use, by utilising this you will be getting the customers that you want and will still have some budget left by 12:00.


One of the key details you need to find out is the key times that your target audience are searching for you. By gathering this information you can then limit what time you show your campaign. This means your key users are more likely to find you as your budget will not have run out. For example if your budget runs from 00:00 to 23:59 but your key users search for you between 14:00 and 20:00, instead of spreading your budget thin to run for the entire day and not reaching those who matter consistently, you should schedule your budget to run between 14:00 to 20:00 at full force. By doing this at those precise key times your ad is being shown and in returns maximises your successful click rate.


This is when your spending can get crazy, your keywords are important, you need to think what your searcher’s vocabulary will consist of to find you, and unfortunately this is the part where google can take advantage of you.


So lets pretend your campaign revolves around selling the beautifully crafted Magner’s cidre in Belfast.


- When creating a keyword and you want to catch everyone who types at least the 2 words of ‘magners’ and ‘belfast’ you should enter it into the keyword section as +magners +belfast. This means if someone types “i want to drink magner’s in belfast”. Your ad will appear as it is accounting for the main two keywords that you choose, this giving you a nice advantage to not having to guess your users sentences.


-If you decide you want to catch users searching for an exact phrase like “Buy magners in a belfast off licence” you need to enclose the term within square brackets, like this, [Buy magners in belfast off licence]. If you type this keyword without these brackets google will rob you of everything you have. If a user searches for Belfast your ad will appear, at this point if you have devised a catchy relevant Ad, you are now hoping that the user will not blow your budget for their lack of reading skills.


Adwords is a complex beast that can eat you alive but if you have the knowledge you can tame it.


In my next post i will cover how to construct your ads, how to model the search’s that you want to be found for, how to ensure you are not battling yourself for that number one position and how to find key knowledge of potential keywords.

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