To start thinking more about my project i decided to to create some sketches of the main parts of my project, i feel this is a good visualisation to start thinking about how the site is going to flow. This will help show the gaps in the project and what i need to work on and make decisions about.
I feel the 3 main features are:
1) URL Submission – This is where the user will input there chosen URL for submission.
2) Rate it! – The user will enter this area to rate the submitted sites.
3) Charts – This is the end result after submissions and inputs where users view the ranking sites.


My Breakdown/Walk Through of the Features.

The Url Submission

The user puts in the URL and submits it, but to be able to track the user for the user chart, their will also have to be a input box for the users name. When the user has submitted the URL, i feel that they should be encouraged to rate the other sites. Thought – Should they be a redirect to the rating page? or “hey thanks for submitting a site, why don’t you rate them “LINK” !” This page needs to be carefully thought through.
Their will have to be a system to filter submissions for those who input irrelevant websites.
Can a user input a url that has been inserted before?
Should their be a login, create an account?
Url Input –> Name Input –> Submit Button –> Redirect/Encouragement to Rate the other site.

The Rating System

I have been going over how the rating should work, should it be Site 1 vs Site 2, rated between 1 to 10 or a star system. The rating system implemented needs to be easily used by the user, can be completed quickly without to much thought and becomes fun to use. Using a system like site 1 vs site 2 may be the best for the user but could be harder solution to code. I will have to research more into this, as i really think this is such an important feature for usability reasons and more.
I have found a website that uses a style in rating that i like and have discussed above. Cubeduel is a rating system website for all working professions. It is used with with Linkedin and pulls an employees work details, so co workers can then anonymously vote who is the better work. A ranking and score report is listed, which could be on beneficial use to employers.


The Chart

The chart is the end point of a users journey, as after they have submitted a site and ranked other sites, the last thing a user can do is view the chart. The charts will display the ranking that the site is at, a thumbnail of the rated site, the site name and other bits about the site.
I haven’t decided these parts yet, but these could be how much the site has climbed the chart i.e. up 2 places in the time period selected.
I think the user should also be able to filter the chart, newcomers, most liked etc and also in combination with a time frame, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, this could be done with fancy sliders and drop down boxes.
Another feature would be to somehow show of the new site of the month and to credit the user via really push the user chart to encourage continuous submission.
The Website Chart
The Ranking –> Thumbnail –> Website Name –> Other Interesting Info
The User Chart
The Ranking –> User Name –> Submitted URL –> Other Interesting Info

Little extras to finish of the site, if time forbids!

All ranked sites could have a snazzy bookmark function, where they drag the tag to the bookmark section, and its automatically added to the site.
To encourage twitter users to join in the submissions process, it could be pretty cool to have submissions via the site. The user quotes the url in their tweet, tweets with a certain hash tag, and the username is taken from their twitter id. This could be incredibly tedious to code and i don’t have a lot of knowledge on how i could do it, but when the project is near completion, and if their is time, this could be a pretty awesome feature to finish of my site.


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