After reading the recent A List Aparts article on, Responsive Comping: Obtaining Signoff without Mockups, i felt rather confused on how i felt about the idea, of designing in code verses designing with mockup tools first.
By jumping straight to HTML, how much can we achieve, are we forgetting the art of visuals, touching pen to paper and making crazy sketches, is that not where the first point of where creativity flows?
My process of creation includes getting to know the client, finding out their values, getting a feel of how they flow, then noting the core values that need to be transferred from thought to visualisation. Once the goals and objectives are stated, my creativity and visualisation for the site is bursting at the seams, i sketch ideas, narrow down the options and create the next step in illustrator.
From there, revisions are created and once the client signs of upon the visualisations of the site, then the HTML & CSS is created. This stage should then be pretty straight forward with little changes from the client as they have has a good understanding of the visualisation and run throughs of what does what. If sadly it hasn’t been straight forward and a client wants a different approach then, back to the drawing board, which of course you are getting paid for and the cycle starts again.
Undoubtedly Bearded’s developing code from the start approach, can save time and even money, the content-driven approach can create a better user experience and a lot of positiveness can come from creating sites with this technique, but do we want to create a further inexistence of the first design stages of putting pen to paper. Surely our experience with this age old technique is the reason that the leading experts have become able to directly design with code, but my question how will the next generation learn, if we say au revoir to it?

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