I think its good, every oncein a while to remind yourself of the practices that us, as web designers should remember and consider when designing for users.

1) Design every page with one objective, dont confuse the user or put the user of the page that they are viewing, by showing unnecessary clutter. Practising this will serve you well in the long run, especially as users gain trust in what you deliver.

2) If a user has to stop to read something unrelated to them, and their is a big chance there will be, the likelihood that they will leave your site, is high. Keep information displayed relative and interesting.

3) Make the objective of the webpage, the most obvious thing on the page, dont let it hide within the page. Openly show the user the focus, heck spell it out for them.

4) Make a webpage for every important point, this allows the users to navigate to exactly what they want to, without forcing them to scroll through unnecessary information, which again could cause you, to lose a potential user.

5) Remember to critically test all your pages, without this testing, small mistakes can easily slip through, giving people different perceptions of the brand and their values.

6) Keep all forms to a minimum, dont bombard the user, keeping the form simple, this can lead to more successful completions. This should also be applied to any check out process.

7) All communication on the site, should have the correct context, this all depends on the actual market, but once this is established, it should be followed through, even on those beautiful terms and conditions. This will help you connect with the user, giving them a real insight to the brand and the ethics that you carry.

8) Always thank your users, this small and simple expression, can bring a smile to their face, if you make it humour-ess, even better.

9) Always split up any formal processes, make it easy to digest, easy to understand and simple to use. By doing this you are helping the user stay at ease, without confusion, and are easily guiding them through the process.

10) The best piece of advice from designer to designer, and also stated by Don Norman, make it easy to start, easy to keep going, easy to finish and easy to stay with.

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