When a web designer gets the brief of a new project or a chef gets a new recipe, it can look complex but once you reveal or create the structure the complexity of the problem disappears, and that is one of the main principles in design matters.

When you come across a complex website with a poor design, this can lead to irriation, annoyance or emotional stress, as you cannot meet your end goal. The website becomes complicated, as complexity has been created due to the poor design. Where as a good design, can be complex, but the complexity is taken away, when the right approach and structure is created. As Don Norman says “Good design can tame complexity”.

Designers want to create aesthetically pleasing designs where all users can benefit from with no confusion, we should be aiming to create beautiful designs that can provide pleasurable aspects and give users the sense of empowerment, create the aspect where the user feels in control. When the user reaches this level, they then have trust in the company, the product, the service, but you have created and built that relationship, without establishing and maintaining that bond you may as well be designing for the blind with no longevity in sight.

Strong relationships need to be built, complex processes can and need to created, structure it, tame and manage the complexity then enable yourself to design empowering and desirable sites.

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