As any designer knows, designing for what the client perceives they need, can be tricky, which makes creating memorable experiences in design that little bit harder. It can become challenging, especially when trying to make a poor experiences, better.

Changing the negative experience’s to positive’s can be testing especially when having to create it, to suit its environment. The environment can comprise of the context, the brand and the experience in itself.
One experience that i think is worth exploring is the 404 page.
Transforming this dreaded page can be noxious, a difficult and troublesome task. We as designers, test all our links, we try and ensure that a user does not tread upon this page, but this page can be accessible out of human error.  Alternatively within our restrictions and limitations, why dont we create this mediocre page into something new, something that once users stumble upon, still have a pleasent experience. Where a user has got options without feeling invalued or let down by the company.
I recently came upon this and i though it was genius, it fitted within the companies branding, their context and within the way they communicate with customers. The designers of this page had fun, injected it with humour and created a unique experience, grasping the chance to show how an unexpected event can turn into a positive user experience.


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