The First and not my Last, it was PHENOMENAL.
This was my first ever Build conference and it was inspiring, breath taking and even mind-blowing! The talks where all linking and coming together into one big portrait, and the portrait was amazing!
Everyone asked me what was my favourite talk, and i honestly cant pick, i loved them all for so many different reasons!
To me Eric Spiekermann was absolutely amazing, he was so real and natural with the audience, from his talk, to his body language, and even his cursing, which for me, made me feel that he was being true to the audience about who he was.
This was a very fast paced talked which had a sence of humour. Eric was great at delivering his talk and captivating his audience, he had me at the end of my chair with an ear to ear smile. He has encouraged me to think outside the box, read a few more books and remember what design is about, Design is an Intellectual activity – It is a physical activity – it is a verb – It is a noun! Think – Make – How – What! He talked about the strategies that we as designers go through when starting a project, which i agreed with, especially the “Avoid” part.
When Eric was speaking he related a lot of things to the business life, which i really loved, he showed how investing in his employees payees of, how saving for a rainy day is a priority in our current economic climate, (how not to work with Arseholes, which was an hilarious point) and many more important business skills. This was a really valued insight to how his business works, which i was so fortunate and obliged to learn about.
Wilson Miners talk was so touching, soothing and even relaxing. He built the audience up from the start to the end with an amazing presentation to finish with a standing ovation, which was so well deserved. The talk embedded the underlying truth about us as designers and had so many other meanings about it. I quote which i loved was:
“We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us – Marshall McLuhan”
Wilson talked about how new mediums change us, it changes our attitudes, our outlook on things and who we are. I was totally embraced by this which lead me to think about so many things. This was an awe-inspiring talk which was one that made the Build experience a complete joy.
Jason Santa Maria, what can i say, this talk was so beneficial as an apprentice, this talk made him the Master. (The Standardistas would and should completely agree with) All-be-it he will be an online master, who i will only have met once, but this talk really embedded so many things that i need to do, use and learn by. Jason spoke about “if your type is bad, the design fails”, which is very true, but how do you determine this, how to you put it all together, how do you overcome this. Will i was about to find out, which was an amazing experience, and to learn it from thee Master of Typography.
Jason talked about how he liked to find fonts that where good for Headers and Texts, this made sence, he showed us how one font can look completely different, with different thicknesses, sizes, colours and how well combined they could become, while still standing out as if they where different fonts. In practise Jason goes by these rules: Bigger is Better,Look at the Contrast, Bigger type for Headlines, The longer the line the longer the line spacing, More Colour more line height i.e. the darker a text gets the more line height is needed and Greater Control. Greater control referred to the use of font angles without the need for images, this has been made possible by Lettering.js, which is such a practically for designers, there is no comprimisation for real designers.
Jason talked about so much more which i thankfully have all noted down, and may need to be copied incase my book mysteriously goes missing, but his technique is so clear and seems completely flawless. This type of guide makes apprentices like me, feel that the task in hand can be made simple when following the correct steps. These steps by Jason Santa Maria should absolutely help create a totally awesome Typography set that will definitely not be why a site fails!

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