The further I dive into my masters, the further I am looking into all aspects of design and the deeper meanings of what we do and why we do them.

I’ve been reading Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler (which I thoroughly recommend), and it touches on certain points, they we all know but never openly decipher. Businesses undoubtedly have strategies and whether we realise it or not, we continually make blind connections with brands, on a daily bases, and this intrigues me.

Creating branding is not just about the shape and the colour but it’s the message that it also openly or silently displays. The way you and I look at a brand affects how successful it may become, and this is regardless of where this company is within its journey.

As humans, we easily fall in love with brands and trust in them, no matter what mistakes they may come upon, we forgive them as we have invested our time, money and even emotions in them.

Building a brand like this is difficult, but by emotionally connecting to the customer, you are building a loyalty that can last decades and can pass from one generation to the next. This type of brand stands out of the crowd, it sticks to what it does best, creates a great customer experience and inevitably becomes untouchable.

When I speak of such brands, this isn’t just about the major companies like Apple, but also applies to that local chain of coffee shops, a gift store, these businesses are continually building their brand, gaining trust from the customer, and doing what they do best.

Finally with the vast consumer market, I think we have to remember that, we as consumers feed a brand and help make them what they are or what they aren’t, we can describe what they do for us and what they are, something that they will never properly be able to do, or be in control of.

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