Measure & Validating

Measuring & Validating

Creating a product may seem like the easy part and also first step of creating a business, but without the product you

reaching out

Reaching Out

When developing a product, it’s only smart to get feedback and opinions from those that can be related to what you are

funding avenues

Funding Avenues

Unbeknown to a lot of people in Northern Ireland, there are a lot of different investment routes available to us within these

user flow

A Journey

Creating a customer journey can be complex and quite time consuming, but by creating detailed wireframes and working out the user flow



The further I dive into my masters, the further I am looking into all aspects of design and the deeper meanings of



Lately i was reading an article on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where the writer was addressing Self-Actualisation. The more i reflected upon the article, the further


Colour & Design

As of recently i have been focusing a little more on the processes of what i do as an individual within my



When a web designer gets the brief of a new project or a chef gets a new recipe, it can look complex


Challenging Experiences

As any designer knows, designing for what the client perceives they need, can be tricky, which makes creating memorable experiences in design that little


Simple Design Aims

I think its good, every oncein a while to remind yourself of the practices that us, as web designers should remember and


Designing In Code

After reading the recent A List Aparts article on, Responsive Comping: Obtaining Signoff without Mockups, i felt rather confused on how i


CSS3 and Shapes

Creating shapes and icons with pure css is amazing, it means you as a designer can have more control of sizing issues


Design Signals

Question: How can a design, signal the appropriate actions?   A design needs an objective, so you need to ask yourself: why


Making Design Pleasurable

As coders we can make designs functional, reliable and even usable but as craftsman we need to create the pleasurable aspect to


Natural Mappings

Definition:   Natural mappings is describing the true and natural arrangement between the controls and the user and how they formally interact.


CSS for Firefox

Firefox can be very candid and sometimes cruel but as designers and coders, we just have to collaborate and work around it.


Multiple Excerpts

WordPress excerpts are among those fundamental parts of creating a wordpress based website. Excerpts are essential to those who want to show


CSS Image Filters

Like many css enthusiasts I enjoy trying new techniques especially when it simplifies other timely processes.   So while reading material from


Margins & Nth Child

Margins & Padding is used every day within our coding life. Its essential to the positioning of the structures and elements of


Google Adwords

This summer i have been summoned to take over various Google Adword Accounts which i was previously completely heedless of. The first

Purple Cow Seth Godin

Purple Cow

I have really been getting back to basics lately and reading! I feel my life is so busy i just never get


Responsive & Textureyes

As my project is beginning to come together, i thought it would be beneficial to make it responsive. I have only ever


MP Progress

My Major Project is going awesome, i have put alot of hard work into it with many a late night spent on


A bit about Textureyes

Textureyes is my Major Project for my final year of University, but i see this as more than a project, its something


Badging it Up!

The Viva’s are coming up, so i thought it would be awesome to do some badges and business cards, but im also


A little bit of jQuery

Im pretty new to coding but when creating some features of my project i wanted to try and be as up to


My MP Branding

I love working in illustrator and creating something different from a different perspective so i have created by branding around the concept


Live Project Font Testing

I love fonts and i view them from all different locations on the web and really admire when seeing them in print,


W3C Validation & GT

To finish of my testing for the Garvan Traynor i decided to run my website through the W3C validator, and i was


Live Project Online

Check out my Live project for Garvan Traynor, the site has a very clean and minimalist look. I have also made the


Final Branding Choices

I have created a number of minimal styled branding templates which i really enjoyed creating for numerous reasons. I have attached my


Live Project Testing

This post is all about testing and some of the problems i came up against. Overall i felt i had a very


Live Project Wireframes

Wireframing has never been my speciality but i have always enjoyed the trail and errors aspects, that leads you to your chosen


Live Project Branding

My branding has mainly been focused around finding fonts, below is a list of fonts that i was looking at in my


Becoming Responsive!

After receiving my Responsive Web Design book by A Book Apart i decided i really wanted to learn about it and see


Project Concepts Take 4

After much deliberation i have decided to alter the concept of my project. I originally was going with the concept of URL


A R&E Birthday

Thursday 17th November in my view is the best day to be born, but maybe im being biast! I was totally shocked


Build 2011

The First and not my Last, it was PHENOMENAL.   This was my first ever Build conference and it was inspiring, breath


The Quest-ionnaire!

With a goal of getting my results i set out to get my surveys handed out and get as much data collected


Y IE, Y?

Another reason for hating IE.   I have decided that it is healthy to write about the problems i have, writing this


Research Kick Start

Questionnaire Time   I think a great way to help my project would be to create a survey to help gauge what


Web Font Awards

After our lectures on the history of fonts, i decided to search into how @font-face are used in the modern web design,


My Project Features

To start thinking more about my project i decided to to create some sketches of the main parts of my project, i


How My Brain Works!

After getting so much awesome feedback on my “brain” feature, i decided to write a short blog post on how i did


T-Break Alex Style!

If you know me, you will know that i love food, if im not eatting, im probably thinking about it, and if


Project Tackling!

I have to try and figure out a plan for the best way to get my project of to a good start,


An evening at Tibus

On Thursday night i attended a talk by Mr Rick Monro. The talk was was targeted for final students who where about


Introducing Gopper!

For my gaming project i made up a concept that included a grasshopper, the character has grew on me over the last


Blogging Here I Come!

So final year has dawned and one of the requirements for our 511 module is to regularly maintain a blogging site to


My Project Proposal’s

Below is a list of my Final Year Project proposals, their is still a lot of work and research to do, but