Another reason for hating IE.
I have decided that it is healthy to write about the problems i have, writing this will air my frustration and in light maybe make me feel better, actually who am i kidding!
Right now i am sounding like an absolute nuttier, but if i tweet about how much i hate my problem, i will possibly have even less followers, which is nearly impossible!
My problem as you have guessed is IE!
I really feel it needs to die, become extinct, be one of those objects that we talk about in embarrassment, conversation enders, “Do you remember when we used that thing to browse the internet!”. People are constantly talking about technologies converging to better themselves, a lot diverge as well, but don’t you think if Web browsers converged, to one ultimate browser with plugins/ extensions/ add-on’s that the designers world would be made easier, websites would become more stabler which would benefit the world!
My problem recently started with the dreaded, “What does my site look like in IE?” and as i posses a Mac, i try my utmost best to never have to use anything but it. But the moment came and it was horrendous, well not in the instance that everything was a mess, but it wasn’t how it was supposed to look!
My Header image was completely static, but this was expected, as IE and CSS3 don’t exactly mix, which is my IE major hate No.1! I had to rearrange all the images so when static they didnt overlap! For the timeframe i have to spend working on my site, this was the best quick fix! To me, I am a perfectionist, so this was hugely annoying, but their are only so many things that you can do until you hit an IE Brickwall!
Please excuse the quality of the image!

Their where a few structural problems within my text columns on the home page, this was a OMG moment, but after a quick think, i realised it was nothing that the shim code wouldn’t fix! This was a major fault on my part as i should have known better to include it, but the shim code shouldn’t of had to be created in the first place! IE FAIL NO.2!

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src="//"></script>

Finally, what took the IE biscuit, was my navigation menu! It was totally “up the right”, the nth child class structure that i had going on within my wordpress menu, was brutally rejected by IE, and the only way i could fix it, was by changing the structure. This was quickly implemented, but i felt it was unnecessary, as every other browser totally accepted and embraced my nth child code!
Again please excuse the quality of the image!

This IE blog post may grow, if it doesn’t, it may be because IE is totally dead to me and i will never talk or think about it again, or i extremely need a place to vent about the apocalypse that it is!

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