On Thursday night i attended a talk by Mr Rick Monro. The talk was was targeted for final students who where about to commence their final year projects.
Rick discussed various parts of a project with us, but his main highlight throughout the project, was to show us that in all projects, problems occur, but you have to overcome them, take them in your stride and move past it. This was a very important part that was focused on, as Rick found, that if certain parts where dwelled on for too long, it created more problems, to the time scale in the grand scheme of things. This was dually noted as keeping to a time scale is very critical, as if other parts of a project take up too much time, then the other parts are neglected or even skipped over. When this sadly happens the quality of work can be reduced, which i feel isn’t being true to the designer and their ability’s, but a designer also has to be able to work within a impracticable environment and under pressure due to the demands of the industry.
This may be seen as controversial but i feel natural web designers are made for this industry. They strive on the fast pace of life and how technologies and codes are always improving and enhancing. These changes have a knock on effect on our work, which naturally flows with all the advancements, but this constantly tests us, pushes are ability to learn and gives us a sense of achievement which we all thrive on.
“Even if virtually anything can be art, there are levels of quality.”
Thomas Hoving
You can read Ricks latests projects and interesting thoughts and findings on his Blog or even follow his quirky tweets on Twitter.

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