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Measure & Validating

Measuring & Validating

Creating a product may seem like the easy part and also first step of creating a business, but without the product you

reaching out

Reaching Out

When developing a product, it’s only smart to get feedback and opinions from those that can be related to what you are

funding avenues

Funding Avenues

Unbeknown to a lot of people in Northern Ireland, there are a lot of different investment routes available to us within these

user flow

A Journey

Creating a customer journey can be complex and quite time consuming, but by creating detailed wireframes and working out the user flow



The further I dive into my masters, the further I am looking into all aspects of design and the deeper meanings of



Lately i was reading an article on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where the writer was addressing Self-Actualisation. The more i reflected upon the article, the further


Colour & Design

As of recently i have been focusing a little more on the processes of what i do as an individual within my



When a web designer gets the brief of a new project or a chef gets a new recipe, it can look complex